Everything About My Husband Was Burned

Julia is 30 years old, she has three daughters (Avin, Zozan, and Nur) and one son (Kawa), she came to Darashakran Refugee Camp three years ago from Xazna, Qamishlo, Syria. At the start of the Syrian revolution her husband was arrested by the Syrian Army. “It has been about six years, no one knows anything about him,” says Julia. “The Syrian regime burned all the identity of my husband to regard him as a dead one,” as Julia’s eyes become very sad she just looks away.

Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation met Julia 10 July 2017 at Darashakran Camp where she works as a dressmaker in Zhin Sewing center. She wants to provide a better life for her children and does not want to return to Syria. “I want to forget all the bad memories and start a new life,” says Julia. She prefers to stay in the Kurdistan region even though her life in the camp is not good and she still needs help. Julia tells us her neighbors give her clothes, food and sometimes even money, she even gets help from the humanitarian organizations too, “like Bring Hope.”

Julia told us she hopes one day her husband will come back, she misses him too much. She also said her children have found hobbies and her daughter wants to be a businesswoman and drive a car, her son wants to be a doctor. To help Julia and her family, or other refugees, see bringhope.info

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