Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation Launches Emergency Response Team

When tragedy strikes, the response for help should be swift and helpful which is why Bring Hope has launched a new initiative to provide regular visits to refugee camps and other areas where an emergency response team may be a valuable asset. The team makes rounds to all refugee camps and poorer areas to check on the living conditions to ensure people have what is needed to survive.

The first day of this new initiative found the Bring Hope team at Baharka Refugee Camp where a family from Mosul had just been affected by a fire which started that morning as Zeina Abdul Majeed a 32-year-old mother of four was beginning to prepare breakfast. Her children were sleeping just next to where the cooker was located and as she ignited it, the kitchen broke out in flames. She started shouting and trying to put out the fire to no avail. Just then the firefighting people showed up to put out the fire and no one was injured. But, the kitchen is gutted.

On 18 february 2018, the Bring Hope emergency team interviewed Zeina and her husband Hussein Said who is 40 years old about the situation and how they ended up at Baharka Camp. Hussein is the bread winner but he did not have a job when, at the beginning of the ISIS attack, they fled Mosul and after 3 months they ended up in Baharka Camp. They find their situation very difficult as they cannot meet the needs of their children.

Haneen Hussein is 13 years old and does not attend school as her parents are afraid and feel it is unsafe to send her, so she stays at home and helps her mother with the housework.

Ali Hussein is 12 years old and does not attend school because he did not like the camp school.

Mostafa Hussein is 8 years old and he walks to school with his brother Hassan who is 5 years old. They walk together for added safety. Mostafa says he is going to school so he does not forget his writing and spelling.

The family situation is unstable, they feel they are not receiving enough aid to keep their family from feeling hungry. They are unhappy, safety is a big concern for them and the health and well-being of the children.

Bring Hope provided clothes, blankets, dishes, and glasses to help this family recover from their fire. We spent time listening to what they have been through and explained we will do what we can to help them. They were happy when we left and we saw smiles as we exited. This family has been through a lot since the beginning of the ISIS attack on Mosul and their imperiled journey to make it through to Baharka Camp. Lingering safety concerns are certainly understandable given these circumstances, but sometimes all it takes to provide comfort is a sympathetic ear. Being there at just the right moment when the crisis of their fire was at its peak was just what the emergency response team at Bring Hope was designed to address. To be part of this amazing journey, see

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