A widow in the middle of war

Marina Nasib Toma, a widow, cares for her two sons aged 15 and 13. Her husband was killed by a group of terrorists in Baghdad in 2009. She was threatened by the same group telling her to leave Baghdad because they are Christian. She left Baghdad with her sons in 2010 and travelled to Tisisqof, Tilkef District to live close to her relatives.

In August 2014 when ISIS fighters closed in on Tiliskof Marina ran from the area with her sons to the city of Alqosh. She and her sons now live as Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) in a rented house in Alqosh.

Both sons are students and they have many needs. They are a poor family with no income and represent the most vulnerable of people.

On November 13th Sewan protection teams visited the family to assess the situation. On November 14th a Sewan protection team delivered a package that included three sets of clothes, shoes, tooth brushes and paste, three blankets and household materials provided by Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation.

Marina was so happy because she and her sons received enough clothes for winter and she expressed many thanks to Bring Hope’s organization and the Sewan staff.

Marina stated, “Many thanks to Bring Hope and Sewan that they have provided these materials to my family”

Marina continued, “I have many responsibilities and I have no income because of that I can’t manage and provide all of my family needs”

Marina resumed talking about their needs and asked for more intervention from humanitarian workers.

Marina explained, “we have many needs, if Bring Hope can provide more material such as more blankets we will be so thankful for that”

Dunya Faris Case Worker – Sewan org

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Everyone can bring hope

BHHF’s primary objective of humanitarian aid is to save lives, alleviate suffering, as well as to give the most vulnerable group (displaced children) hope for the future. BHHF has provided humanitarian aid with short-term and long-term help to homeless refugees, victims of natural disasters, wars and famines, and poor people.

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