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A story of a 38-year-old man that relieved from the pain, using BHHF provided drugs

Patient : Salah Hasan Musa 
 Age: 38 years 
 From: Tilmoos, Zummar

I am a teacher working in Talmoos village, Zummar, Ninewa. I, with my family, lived all the sad events in Iraq after liberation in 2003 and till now, when the violence escalated, my brother was martyred in Mosul after he was captured by some terrorists.

We suffered more when we were obliged to leave our village when ISIS was trying to control the region, they occupied our village and stayed in it a period of time in which they destroyed nearly its entire infrastructure.

After liberation, we returned back to our village with many big hopes to live peacefully and settle a safe future for our children. We started our school again, I returned back to teaching, my wonderful job. Our village needed so many services after liberation, which Health was one of the most important of them, in addition to education process, electricity and water supply.

I visited Heevie clinic for a 10 days history of dysuria, frequent urination and fever. They diagnosed me to have urinary tract infection, and provided me with Levofluxacin capsules, a great medication that made me free of complaints. I was told that the medication (Levofluxacin) was from UK, which has been donated by Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation (BHHF) to Heevie.

I would like to thank Heevie and BHHF for what they are offering, hoping to continue together serving our poor people, who suffered so much.

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BHHF’s primary objective of humanitarian aid is to save lives, alleviate suffering, as well as to give the most vulnerable group (displaced children) hope for the future. BHHF has provided humanitarian aid with short-term and long-term help to homeless refugees, victims of natural disasters, wars and famines, and poor people.

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