Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation is a global movement dedicated to bringing hope to millions of displaced people within their own country and region where they are in significant need of basic requirements, support and skills to restore dignity, a sense of belonging, and to thrive. This can be achieved through Bring Hope’s capabilities-based network that contributes material and non-material aid to groups of people in conflict zones through collaborative partnership and humanitarian innovation.

Bring Hope provides medicines, healthcare and equipment, hygiene necessities, and humanitarian aid. Children, young people and adults through our 8 different programs.

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Our vision

Restored dignity and harmony in the lives of those experiencing humanitarian crisis, displacement and poverty.


Our mission

To be a generative power in alleviating suffering, nurturing long-lasting development and bringing hope  to those we serve, regardless of their age, gender, religion, ethnicity or nationality.


We are

Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation operates as a non-governmental non-profit organisation, serving displaced people in the Middle East and across the world.

We are people from different backgrounds, nationalities, and religions from all over the world working together to serve humanity. Pro bono support from generous corporations, consults and individuals plays a major role in the development and delivery of our programs and ability to accomplish our humanitarian goals.


The Unique Story

“If someone told me 29 years ago, while I was displaced, that I would one day be able to live a different life, I’m not sure I would have believed in that possibility. Bring Hope seeks to instill hope in displaced individuals living in dire conditions through life-saving aid and humanitarian support. So that in turn, when their needs have been met, they will want to advocate for spreading hope until all needs for displaced people are eradicated.”

 Dr. Mariwan Baker, Founder and Chairman

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We believe anyone can bring hope.



Our core values are simple



We are kind, concerned and sensitive to the individuality of emotions that affect people and their lives.



We find power in embracing appreciating differences to learn from and honour one another



Our strong integrity ensures we are honest, accountable, and transparent in everything we do.



Through our innovative work, we enact action to inspire brighter futures and transformative change



We understand productive collaboration as the pillar of our successes. Through our collaborative work, we become more empathetic and diverse, we strengthen our integrity, and we facilitate transformational processes.



Our Story


Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation is the result of one man’s experiences of war, trauma, loss, and displacement. He stresses the power of HOPE based on his real-life story. A former refugee, personal witness, and survivor of the 8-year Iran-Iraq war; the chemical attack on Halabja; the Kuwait War and massive Kurdish exodus during the first Gulf War; had a profound impact on him personally. Dr Mariwan Baker, born in Iraqi Kurdistan, was displaced and trapped in the mountain area between Iraq and Iran at the age of 18, just after the first Gulf war in 1991. For three long years (1992-1995) he was a refugee, living in eight different refugee camps in Sweden.

Dr. Baker, now holder of a PhD and two master’s degrees from Scandinavia, abandoned a decade long medical career to dedicate his time to serve humanity by establishing Bring Hope

Humanitarian Foundation in 2015

Bring Hope was created as a serious response to the increased need for humanitarian aid due to the displacement of millions of people who were forced to migrate into Iraqi Kurdistan attempting to flee from the ISIS incursion, its subsequent torture, and resulting starvation -- arriving any way possible, many on foot.

Since 2015, Dr.Baker has worked tirelessly to build and expand Bring Hope to help displaced people and the most vulnerable populations in the Middle East and across the globe by providing humanitarian services, medicines and aid on a significant scale and with broad reach.


Where we are

Bring Hope was founded in Sweden and Kurdistan and is now registered in eight different countries. To date, we have brought humanitarian aid and programs to Iraq, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Lesotho, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, Guinea, Bangladesh, Pakistan.


Our partners

For everything you have done for us in the past, everything you still do and will continue to do, we at Bring Hope want you to know how thankful we are, and we look forward to bringing hope to the most vulnerable together. Here is a list of our main partners and a big THANK YOU.

Women and Health Alliance (WAHA) Interna
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Our people

Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation (BHHF) is the result of one man’s experiences of war, trauma, loss, and displacement. He stresses the power of HOPE based on his real-life story.


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