Christmas Appeal

Bring Hope is very excited to launch our multi-language Christmas generosity appeal!

In the coming days, you will be able to see our volunteers and supporters from all corners of the globe sending their generosity appeal messages to the world. From Cheryl and Peshraw on the ground in Kurdistan, to Christian at our head office in Sweden, to our volunteer Johan in Vienna, Austria, to our Goodwill Ambassador Yurik in France, our aim is for Bring Hope’s message to reach as many as possible to spread the word about the work we are doing and to raise awareness of those we serve, who are living under incredibly harsh circumstances – particularly during this time of the year.

Through the continued assistance and donations from our supporters, Bring Hope has been able to reach more than 1.8 million people in need across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Our donors have enabled millions of medical treatments and deliveries of medical supplies, hygiene items and humanitarian aid to individuals and families in desperate need, living in poor conditions, most often in refugee camps.

However, our work is far from over. To enable us in our mission to reach as many as possible to bring hope to those who need it most, the continued support of our donors is paramount. Each dollar donated to Bring Hope is able to generate twenty dollars of aid, including medicine, hygiene products, blankets, warm clothes and other essentials that are so urgently needed – especially during the harsh winter months.

Our wish is that this festive season, Bring Hope’s Christmas appeal inspires individuals to extend their kindness and generosity to those who need it most. A small donation has the power to drastically improve the quality of life of someone living in some of the harshest circumstances. Finally, our large international network of volunteers and supporters is a testament to Bring Hope’s inspirational vision, and we are honoured to have so many believe in the work that we do.