December 21, 2022

Programs Officer – Volunteer/Internship

BHHF is looking for passionate and driven humanitarians to join our internship and volunteer program, to learn about the functions of an International NGO here in Dubai. Bring Hope is an inclusive and diverse organisation, and has a keen focus on the growth and development of its employees and volunteers. We believe strongly in the power, capability and creativity of today’s up and coming humanitarians!

The Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation (BHHF) is an NGO that doubles as a budding movement that focuses on the ideas of restoring hope, harmony, and dignity in those that have been dealing with conflict situations. It focuses on bettering the wellness, health and education of refugees, Internally Displaced People (IDP) and the most vulnerable populations all over the world.
We are proud to have reached over 2.4m people through our aid donations since beginning our operations in 2015, delivering over 140m USD of humanitarian and medical aid items to communities, among others, in Iraqi-Kurdistan, Sierra Leone, Lesotho, Kenya, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, Guinea, Pakistan, Lebanon, Bangladesh and Yemen.
This branch of Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation is based in International Humanitarian City, Dubai, while our headquarters is in Sweden and core operations are in Iraqi-Kurdistan.
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To oversee the development of programs and learning activities pertaining to the projects of Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation (BHHF), and seek out grants to fund these programs. In this job, the Program Officer oversees project implementations, manages budget, and develop proposals to ensure that the project goals will be implemented on time. He/she will identify organizations (corporate, private, and government/public), universities, individuals, UN Agencies and other potential partners for education programme to establish such relations focusing primarily on project collaborations and development.Officer will advise on the best practices for building and maintaining partnerships through extensive networking and proactive collaboration with the media, advocacy groups and other critical partners.

Key Activities

- Identify potential partner organizations including but not limited to civil society, corporate, government, public and private, universities, individuals, and different international organizations including the United Nations Agencies in and out of the UAE;
- Conduct research and analysis of target potential partners for possible grant funding possibilities;
- Interact with different granting bodies, public and private sector stakeholders, and develop strategic points for their philanthropic engagement with BHHF;
- Maintain and regularly assess engagement methods with stakeholders;
- Work individually and/or collaboratively with other team members in developing strategy papers, concept papers, project grant proposals, project presentations and other relevant documents;
- Develop in-depth proposals for projects that can be presented to both team members and potential partners/funders;
- Explore the use of alternative avenues for funding or collaboration;
- Collaborate with BHHF’s team in Kurdistan, and the MEAL Officer to identify the educational needs of major beneficiaries of BHHF;
- Performs other task(s) as assigned by the Associate Regional Officer and/or BHHF Chairman

- Any Bachelor’s Degree relevant to International Studies/Relations, Business Development, Education/Teaching
- Strong verbal and written communication and analytical skills
- Experience working with children or in educational settings
- Good team player
- Previous experience in a non-profit organization and/or volunteer experience is a plus.

Why join us?
Our internship/volunteering experience will provide you with a unique and insightful experience into the functions of an International NGO. Your learning and growth will be a key focus of ours, and we will challenge and push you to learn and grow.
Application Process
Please send your CV and a short cover letter to
Applications will be reviewed, and selected candidates will be interviewed.
Upon successful selection after the interview process, applicants will be invited to join our internship program.

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